Athenaeum of Philadelphia

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Unidentified Ceiling Design by George Herzog


Ceiling of Rear Hall, Kemble Residence by George Herzog


Unidentified Ceiling Design by George Herzog


Ceiling Design, Union League by George Herzog


Toltec Gorge by Detroit Photographic Company


Colorado Needle Mountains, Canon of the Rio Ias Animus by Detroit Photographic Company


Second Tunnel, Grand River Canyon by Detroit Photographic Company


Interference, Boyd Theatre by Unknown


Penn Theatre by Mitchell Studios


Lyric theatre by Irvin R Glazer


Goldman Theatre by Irvin R Glazer


Dumont's Theatre by Irvin R Glazer


Boyd Theater by Irvin R Glazer


Amateur Drawing Room by Unknown


Guarantee Trust Company exterior tile by Frank Furness


Yellow Warbler by unknown


Red-Wnged Black-Bird by unknown


Wanamaker's Grand Depot by Unknown


Lorraine Hotel by Unknown


Sears, Roebuck and Co. by James Dillon


Benjamin Franklin Hotel by James Dillon


Chateau Crillon by James Dillon


Floating Church of The Redeemer by Dennington


Cyclers' and drivers' best routes in and around Philadelphia by Frank H Taylor


Design For City Hall Tower by Thomas Ustick Walter


Crest Pier by Unknown


Kona Kai Lobby by Jacob Stelman


Kona Kai Exterior by Jacob Stelman


Stanley Theatre, Philadelphia by Unknown


Fox Theatre, Philadelphia by Unknown


Horn and Hardart, s 18th St., Philadelphia by Unknown


Portrait of Thomas Ustick Walter, 1835 by John Neagle


Butterfly by unknown


Butterfly by unknown


Butterflies by unknown


Scarab Beetle by unknown


butterfly by unknown


butterflies by unknown


butterfy detail - Papilio Philenor by unknown


Butterflies detail - Papilio philenor by unknown


butterflies - Papilio philenor by unknown


Vanessa furcillata detail by W W Wood


Vanessa furcillata detail by W W Wood


Vanessa furcillata by W W Wood


Portrait of Anne Hawks, 1929 by Marie Danforth Page


A Sharp Bite by unsigned attributed to Edward Barnard


Taking a Fly by unsigned attributed to Edward Barnard


United States Capitol Design for New Dome and Wings 1855 by Thomas Ustick Walter